Owner’s agreement

This agreement contains terms specific to listing of vehicles for rental purposes through us.

The car’s registration consists of the following terms and conditions,

General Terms

  1. Following are the details of a vehicle that will be provided by the car owner:
  1. Make
  2. Model
  3. Year
  1. The car owner hereby agrees that all the details regarding car features (AC, transmission etc)


  1. A car owner will agree on providing the vehicle with a driver / without a driver.
  2. If a driver is required for a rental request and the car owner cannot fulfill this demand, then Carley will provide a separate driver for the ride.


  1. A car owner will provide the car with insurance.
    1. It is the responsibility of the car owner to provide cars with insurance, however, if the car is not insured then it must be insured by Carley through Carley’s insurance partner, While the premium of insurance must be paid by the car owner.
    2. will not bear responsibility for any type of damage to the vehicle if it is provided without proper insurance.


  1. Will be providing the vehicle with a tracker
    1. If a tracker is not installed in the car, then Carley will install the tracker through Carley’s tracking partner, while the Car owner will be responsible for the tracker charges.


  1. Daily rental duration
    1. If the renter rents out the car with driver (per day duration will be 12 hours.
    2. If the renter rents out the car without driver (per day duration will be 24 hours)


  1. A car can be used anywhere in Pakistan.
    1. The car owner allows their car to be used outside the city.


  1. Damages;
    1. If the car owner is providing the car with driver then or the party renting the vehicle will not be responsible for any damage or theft or any type of loss of vehicles.
    2. If the car owner is not providing car with a driver then it is mandatory for them to have commercial vehicle insurance and tracker (both of which can help the car owner acquire). The responsibility of damages / theft of the vehicle lies with the insurance company.
    3. For self-driven rentals, renter will pay for the difference in premium.
    4. will not be held responsible in any way for any claims made by the car owner.


  1. All traffic fines etc;
    1. Will be borne by the driver if the car is provided with the driver.
    2. Will be borne by the renter if the vehicle is provided on self-drive.


  1. Car condition:
    1. It is the responsibility of the car owner to provide the car in good condition.
    2. The team will check the car before it is taken on rent.
    3. If the car breaks down during rental duration, then the renter is responsible to bear the costs of fixing the car and provide the car in its original condition in which it was provided by Carley.


  1. Cancellation:
    1. The car owner must inform the Carley representative before 3 days in case if the owner needs his/her car.
    2. If the renter cancels the car after the rental duration starts, then he/she will have to pay a set percentage of cancellation charges.

Payment terms

  1. Car rent pricing

Carley set the price of any car based on its market value, location, and other statistical data sets to maximize your earnings.

Prices displayed on our platform include;

  1. Sales Tax @ 17% to the base fare and charges the user.
  2. With Holding Tax @ 2% to the base fare and charges the user.
  3. Service charges to the base fare and charges to the user.

The number of days your vehicle is rented entirely depends on the availability of your car, responsiveness to trip requests, along with the current demand of your vehicle.

What you get as a Car Owner


When cars are rented, a car owner can get up to 70% of the final invoice paid by the renter:

  1. Up to 70% of the base fare.
  2. Up to 70% of the overtime charges.

Inter-City Cab

When the cars are used for cab service, the following terms must be followed;

  1. First, a certain amount will be fixed, after that per kilometer will be charged on a set percentage of price defined by Carley.
  2. Per kilometer charges may vary with the car model variations.
  3. A car owner is supposed to pay 25% of the fixed cost per ride to Carley. (Weekly basis)
  4. 75% will be left to the car Owner of the fixed cost.
  5. The customer will be charged PKR500 as a driver fee, which will be paid to the car driver.

Fuel cost

  1. The car will be provided by the owner with a full tank at the time of registration.
  2. The car will be provided to the renter with a full tank at the time of providing.
  3. The car must be provided by the renter with the full tank while handing it to the Carley.